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“Seek what sets your soul on fire.”

– Shikha Td


Ana Seas The Day is your personal travel coach & travel well-being source.
Set sail with me on a purposeful & meaningful journey.
Through travel, we experience adventures, set foot on new lands and get welcomed into new cultures. Now that travel is on hold, discover how you can enrich your own inner world and continue to expand and grow during these times of uncertainty.

I am Anaïs Skoutariotis, founder of Ana Seas The Day, and I am your mindfulness coach. mindfulness-based cognitive therapy & a holistic approach is how i bring out the power in you.
i believe we can transform through travel and i believe in the power of living in the present moment.
I help people like you and me to maximise their self-growth so they can travel purposefully and live intentionally.

Do I need a coach?

The real question is: Are you willing to do the work for your self-growth?
– I am the push you need, the encouragement & support
– I listen without judgement and put the pieces together
– I see your potential, your qualities & your blind spots
– I ask the right questions so you find right the answers

“Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximise their growth.”

John Withmore

Do you feel like you’re living your life on auto-pilot?

Do you feel stuck or unhappy with your current reality?

Do you dream of traveling, exploring and going on adventures with a deeper purpose?

Do you want to want to enjoy life more?

Do you want to escape your daily life because you feel like something’s missing?

Do you want to start an adventure abroad, but you need clarity, confidence and courage?

Do you want to live a more mindful, present, and purposeful life?

Are you looking for your deeper reason of living – your WHY?

I’ve got u!

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“The life you have led doesn’t need to be the only life you have.” 

– Anna Quindlen

Seas The Day With Me

This is a challenging time for everybody. To help you reach your goals, become your best self and deal with any personal issues, I am here to help, inspire and guide you to grow through what you go through.

My sessions are filled with tools, practices and habits you can incorporate in your daily life that will help you to repurpose this time and travel, for a more mindful & meaningful life. For more information, please fill in the contact form or email me on

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How to Travel Mindfully & Purposefully

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A Beginner’s Guide to Mindfulness: Living Mindfully

What is mindfulness exactly? How is it different from mindfulness meditation? Why is it good for you? And how to incorporate mindfulness into your daily life and travels? What is my relation and experience with mindfulness? Read the answers on these questions and more, in this beginner’s guide to mindfulness. What is mindfulness? Mindfulness is…

Why Quarantine Made Us Better Travellers

During the past months, we went through a lot. However, it is important to not let these moments just pass by, but instead stand still & reflect on what happened & what we can learn from it. Also on the “travel level”, we have grown stronger and independent, gaining more skills as travellers. That’s right:…


Ana Seas The Day is a project founded by Anaïs Skoutariotis. For enquiries, please contact her here.

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