Croatia – A Hidden Mediterranean Gem 

If you’re looking for a cheap but beautiful holiday for this spring or summer – stop looking then, because Croatia will conquer your heart. I would have never thought to travel to Croatia – mainly because you don’t hear anything about this country. Did you know they have their own coin? – However, I did travel to Croatia, a few times actually, and did not regret it. I’ll share my experiences in Croatia during this zen-vacation filled with sunsets and cocktails.


I went to Crikvenica, a small village in eastern Croatia. So, first things first: how on earth do you get to a small village in eastern Croatia? Well, I have bad news for you: no matter which airport you fly to, you have to survive a 2-3 hours bus drive to this town. Personally, this was the worst for me. I love to fly, I love to sail, but don’t put me that long in a hot bus which, apparently, can only drive up and down the mountains. Because, dear readers, Croatia is made of millions of mountains. Millions. Which is beautiful, but make sure you got your travel pills with ya.

So, when once arrived in Crikvenica, your best option is to rent an apartment. There aren’t many hotels there, and to live like a local is a wonderful experience. As I said, Croatia is full of mountains, and so is Crikvenica. At the top you’ll find everyone’s houses and down under, you can find the beach with some small bars and restaurants. If you walk further into the city, you’ll notice a wonderful little bridge (and a lot of couples taking romantic photos there). This little bridge is known for its romantic atmosphere and offers a beautiful view.

The city centre of Crikvenica is very chill: across the beach is a big square where every night, musicians or artists entertain the public. This square is surrounded by the most cozy and cheap restaurants – which offer a mixture of Mediterranean food – Italian, Greek and Spanish mostly. Behind the square, you’ll find a boulevard full of restaurants, bars and shops. Across these restaurants you get a view across the beach, and that is the beautiful part. You get ocean view everywhere.


I recommend you to visit the beach at sunset and sit at the beach bar (there is only one big beach bar in the city centre) because they offer delicious cocktails and have cushions on the beach – I’m sorry if that’s too much detail, but put cushions on a beach and you have reached my biggest weakness – where you can chill and have an Instagram photoshoot. Or just enjoy the view.


If you go there on time, you can buy a ticket for the ferry and that is something I regret not having done. The ferry costed nothing, and you would have an amazing view over the ocean! Yet I didn’t went on this boat trip… But, you have to understand, when I went, the European Football Championship was playing and I went there with my friend, a football lover, so yeah… We spent our evenings in the restaurants and bars watching football – but the best part is, the whole town and other tourists had the same idea. And every night, there were other countries playing, and you could definitely tell who was from which country, The atmosphere was certainly on point in Croatia.

Overall, Croatia is very beautiful, and the language they speak there is sort of a mixture between Italian and Eastern-Europe-ish. The food is also based on Italian dishes – a lot of pasta, pizza and fish. Furthermore, life is very cheap in Croatia: 7 Kuna (their coin) is worth €1. And the people are very welcoming and open. Croatia is really a Mediterranean country, I felt the same atmosphere as in Italy and Greece, but yet, the country has a different culture and language. That’s what makes it one of a kind.


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