Pretty Palmtrees in Palma


This blog post will not exist a hundred percent out of valuable content, sightseeing tips and insiders. This lack of valuable information is due to an extreme force of gravity which held me down and did not allow me to get up and exit a part of the universe, more specifically the part known as the “beach”, much during this time period. 

However, this may vary depending on your definition of valuable content. If you will be able to read through this necessary and exceeding the longitude of an, as known to be, normal introduction, you should be fine.


One of my favourite things to do is take a long walk near the beach or port. The Port of Mallorca did not disappoint me. Offering a wide promenade, calmness and sweet sea smell, walking aside the harbour was my favourite occupation when in Palma. Also, dreaming about owning one of the yachts (or all of them) made time pass by pretty fast.


Another thing you can find at the port are the nightclubs and bars. When you want to go out in Palma or have some cheep drinks in a bar, don’t go to the city centre, but go to the port side. 


I plee guilty. I could have written a post full of cultural information and beautiful pictures of Palma, but instead, I spend all my time at the beach. Well, not all the time. But let’s say 3/4th of my stay in Palma was spend in the ocean. And I don’t regret it at all. 

I love small and authentic beaches – not the ones crowded with tourists sippin’ on their expensive cocktail, but the ones where there is not a single soul present on the beach. Or where the locals seek some rest after their busy daily life. That’s my jam. And in Palma, especially at this low-season- time of the year, you can find those spots.

My accommodation was based at the port of Palma. I could walk down the coastline of the port and about 30-40 minutes later, the boats disappeared and god gave me a beautiful beach. Amen. 


Like many beaches, the most popular beach in Palma offers a lot of restaurants and beach bars – be careful here, because they charge you a lot for food and drinks. Be smart and get some fruit and drinks from supermarkets before heading to the beach. No need to order a €16 salad when you’re feeling hungry!



Palma is not only a lovely place to visit when you’re seeking some rest, you can also enjoy some shopping or delicious local dishes in the city’s centre. Yes, that involves getting up and taking your lazy ass to the city’s centre. I know, it takes a lot of dedication, motivation and effort. But it’s worth it. 

In the centre, you can find the most popular shops, all located in one shopping street. The restaurants are very small and offer typical local dishes such as paella and fried squids.


Surprise! I did see something else than the beach. On my way to the beach (duh) I passed by Bastió de Sant Pere, and I couldn’t resist walking trough the park. It is really gorgeous. It was used to defence Palma against enemies, because that is what Bastions do, apparently. Good job, Pere. Palma still exists. 


I have been silent for a long time on WordPress, and I hope this mini-comeback wasn’t too shitty for you guys.

However, the amount of fucks I give can not be counted by any human kind and the only reason why I am putting time and effort in writing, is because I love to do it.

If I can give you one lesson today – and let’s make this the comprehensive conclusion of this blogpost, it will be: do what you want and love to do in life, and don’t waste any minute wasting your energy on something else than your own progress. 


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