Why Barcelona Has It All

This post is dedicated to the most magnificent city I have yet visited. This is an ode to the vivid, beautiful, warm and open city Barcelona. 

Also: this is NOT a call for tourists to come and visit this city. Seriously, there are enough already. I just want to INFORM you guys about it. You can just stay at home and leave some more place for me a the beach, thank you very much.

As an island soul, I would prefer to live at the beach, have a calm and easy live, while in the meantime still loving to be surrounded by things to do and to see.

But I am also a city girl and I love living in a metropolitan city where there’s always people outside and where you moments thinking to yourself: “do these habitants ever sleep?” 

God is real folks, because I found a place that combines these two opposite characteristics: yes, it is the city of Barcelona, the capital of the region Catalunya, the second largest city of Spain.

Do you feel like going to the beach? Barcelona has nine beaches.

Do you feel like hiking or seeing mountain views? Montserrat, Tibidabo, Bunkers del Carmel and even Park Guëll offer you wonderful views.

Do you feel like shopping? On Las Ramblas, in the Arenas or in the Maremagnum mall you will find everything you need.

Do you feel like admiring some art or visiting authentic architecture or musea? I think one name will provide you with the answer: Gaudí.

Do you feel like partying? Not only at the beach, but also throughout Barcelona you will find clubs with all sorts of music genres. 

I think that says it all. But, I forgot one thing. Peace. Calmth. Barcelona is a popular city amongst tourists, so where on earth (or in Barcelona) would you be able to find some silence?!

Luckily, there are some less popular spots you can visit that will provide you some rest.

One of my favourite places to chill out is at the beach: water calms me and gives me energy. But I am not the only person who thinks that way, so it is not a guarantee that there won’t be lots of people. But I also love parks. In the Parc La Ciutadella, you have both. Okay, it is the greatest park in Barcelona and if you visit it during a sunny day, lots of people will be there. But try to visit it during a working day or when the weather is normal, and you will find an empty spot to chill out.

Another favourite spot of mine is the park of Horta. You will also find the famous Labyrinth here. Peace, calmth and – not to forget- a feeling like you’re in the Harry Potter movie, walking through the labyrinth while trying to catch the goblet of fire, are guaranteed. Also, you’ll be most likely to feel some annoyance when you keep on running into dead ends. But mostly, you’ll find beautiful architecture, gardens and wonderful views over there.


Another option is to visit the Palacio Nacional and just keep walking until you get to Palau Jordi. There, you have a huge open space, fountains and a beautiful 360 degree-view. I definitely recommend visiting this spot. 

Si, my city Barcelona is a real pearl. And I am happy to live there.


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