Sunshine Blogger Award: Q&A’s

I was nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award by The Travel Architect. She gave me this incredible opportunity to be nominated for this award and challenged me to answer these 11 questions (+1 bonus question). They contain some really personal information that not a lot of people know about.

Because I am so passionate about my blog and I love sharing more personal details with you, I answered the questions here, for you, my loyal followers to read. Enjoy!

Where do you land on the introvert – extrovert continuum?  How about the homebody – out-n’-about and the night owl – morning person continua?

I wouldn’t label myself as an introvert nor an extrovert. Sometimes I can be social, outgoing, extrovert. Other days, I like to be on my own, social contact is less important, and I want to spend my day in my own bubble. I think we all have different sides to us – and it’s just a matter of which side we give more power and energy to.

Secondly, the out-n’-about type suits me more. I love discovering places, going out to have a drink at any time of the day, go into the city to do some window shopping or visit my favorite places. I am living in Lisbon and it is such a beautiful city. Spending time at one of the many beautiful spots is something I love to do during my free time. On the other hand, to quote Drake: I only love my bed and my momma. I could lay in bed all day. But if I am out and about, I do not regret it at all.

Lastly, I would consider myself as a passionate lover of sleep and rest, slow & easy mornings/noons and long and calm nights. A.k.a.: a night owl. Let the mornings be short and filled with sleep and let the nights be long and tranquil. Amen. Sleeping out, going out for breakfast or brunch is my ideal start of the day.

If you could create one new law for your country, what would it be?

It would be a law concerning the wellbeing and peace of the habitants. People with mental health issues do not get enough attention nor help. In my country, you can get help, but there’s a huge waiting list. And that is very important – you want your people to be healthy, happy, enjoying their lives.

One of my favorite categories (to write about, not experience) on my blog is When Bad Things Happen to Good Travelers.  What W.B.T.H.t.G.T experience has befallen you?

My first night in Curaçao was disastrous. My luggage came out as very last ( on a long haul flight there a LOT of passengers), then I was too late to change my currency at the local bank so I couldn’t pay for the bus to my hostel. The ATM’s did not accept my credit cards; only special types of ATMs accepted non-local cards. Luckily, I found a store who accepted some euro’s and gave me change in local currency. Then I missed my bus which only came once an hour, but nobody knew when – so after one hour and a half, I took the bus and walked to the hostel. When I arrived at the hostel, I wanted to unpack, but my luggage code did not work and my suitcase did not open. In despair, I tried every code possible and looked up YouTube videos about how to open a locked suitcase. Nothing worked. I went to sleep thinking I’d have not suitcase the entire trip. The next morning, I saw messages of my mom (it was her suitcase) she sent some codes and fortunately, one of them worked. So all good at the ending, but you don’t ever want to be without money, transport or luggage.

Knowing what you know now, if you could do it all over again, would you have the same job/career?  If not, what would it be?

I am at the beginning of my career as a digital creator / travel blogger. My previous jobs gave me a lot of experience (I worked as a flight attendant, hostel receptionist, customer service representative and studied PR) and that experience is something incredibly valuable that I take with me everyday. If I had known what I know now, I would have started earlier with my passion – traveling and writing + documenting about it – so I could catch up earlier and build up my audience at an earlier stage.

Tell an interesting little tidbit or factoid about yourself that your readers probably wouldn’t know.

I think this a fact not a lot of people now about me. I played theater for 9 years. It was an amazing experience. I did fun plays, solo plays, poetic pieces – a bit of everything. I had the best teachers and a really close group of friends I played with.

If you could eradicate one of the world’s many injustices with just the snap of your fingers, what would it be?

Basic needs/rights. Health care, clean water, food, a roof above your head, the feeling that your voice matters. I believe everybody on this planet should have those. We are all equal. And we all deserve these basic human necessities and rights.

A lot of bloggers like to write about their bucket list destinations.  Let’s do the opposite.  Thinking of places that generate lots of travel buzz, what’s one place that just doesn’t interest you?

Do you know those surprise travel companies? You pay a certain amount, choose your travel dates and you get to hear your destination when you’re at the airport?

The thing that is holding me back to try one of those surprise travels is the fact that I dislike destinations in cold, northern countries. What if I secretly want to go to a warm country, but they send me to Berlin, or Norway? I like warm climates – tropical is the best description. Add a vivid and beautiful city to it and you’ve created my perfect travel destination. Offer me the complete opposite and I will run. To the Maldives.

You’re given a surprise day off work (or whatever obligatory time-sucking activity fills your days) – money is not an issue, you’re not allowed to do chores or errands, and there are no family members around to care for or accommodate – just unadulterated free time.  How do you spend the day?

I would go to nearest, most beautiful beach, grab my favorite food, a bluetooth speaker, and – since money is not an issue- rent off the whole beach for the day. (If I am not near a beach, I would catch my private yet to the most beautiful beach nearby, obviously).

Would you rather time travel to the past or the future?  What time/place would you travel to?

To the past, without a doubt. I would pay a visit to my dear friend and inspiration Cleopatra and walk around in that mystical, historical world. I studied Latin for only one reason: the stories. The myths. I love those. Being able to travel back in time to the ancient Greeks or Egyptians would be a dream come true.

What parts of travel/travel planning (regular travel that is, not theoretical time travel) stress you out the most and how do you deal with them?

Time planning. Finding days to get off work, the best flight tickets and then combining those two together and find an actual “perfect date”. Disastrous!

I started blogging because I wanted to write about my experiences while I was traveling. I’ve always loved writing, reading and traveling, so why not combine those? I also write some poetry occasionally.

A post I would love to see receiving more recognition, is make the jump: go solo female travel. This is a motivational post about why you should start solo traveling as a woman. I’ve written other posts with Q&A’s about solo travel, but this one really focuses on the solo female travel and offers inspiration and motivation.

Optional Bonus Question! (I’m something of a rule-follower.  Adding a twelfth question is an act of rebellion against my true nature.) If there is one question above that you’d skip answering and replace with your own question, which would it be and what question would you put in its place?

That would be the last question about which post I’d love to see getting more attention. I would replace it with: What is your truest passion, what makes you heart sing, what makes you happy while doing it? And is that what you are doing as a daily job or not? Why not?

I hope you enjoyed reading this. I also owe a thank you for this nomination to the very best @Thetravelarchitect. It has been a pleasure answering these interesting questions for you.