About Me


I am Anaïs,

Founder of Ana Seas The Day

My name is Anaïs Skoutariotis, I am a Certified Life Coach and Travel Coach.

Born in Belgium, from Greek and Italian backgrounds, I am currently living in Portugal, after having lived in Brussels & Barcelona.

I have traveled solo to over 20 countries solo in just 2 years time. I have several experiences in tourism: I worked a flight attendant for two years and I worked in hospitality as a hostels receptionist, sales back office, and customer service.

When my close ones describe me, they use the words motivational, optimistic and creative

I guide and empower passionate women like you and me from a stressful life to a mindful, purposeful life.

Through bringing in mindfulness, meditation, one-on-one coaching, courses and much more, I help you transform your life.

My Journey

As with most people, my story starts with a tragedy: in 2017, I was involved in a car accident. I lost my car. I lost my job because of my injuries. My life got turned upside down.

This event gave me a lot of time to reflect. Why has this happened to me? Does everything happen for a reason? If so, what was my reason?

I decided to re-write my life story and create the life I want. From that point on, my life motto was: ad maiora – Latin for: towards greater things. I vowed to myself it was only upward from now on.

By putting self-growth central in my life, and using travel & mindfulness as tools to grow, my life transformed.

I created Ana Seas The Day – to inspire people to get out there and discover themselves and the world. 

After my abroad experience in Barcelona, my vision of life started to shift even more. Barcelona opened my eyes to how fun and relaxed this life can be. Working a hostel, I met tons of people, got out of my comfort zone daily by serving guests in 4 different languages. I also combatted an eating disorder while I was there, as I got myself back on the right track: ad maiora. Always go higher, never go low.

I got back from Barcelona, graduated and got back home. Then, I had to choose between a life in my hometown, working as a flight attendant, or… taking a jump into the unknown. I chose the second option.

I realised that this job only gave me stress – I was physically suffering from the long hours of hard work – and it gave me no vision, nothing great to achieve. I quit my flight attendant job and moved abroad, to Lisbon, where the real growth happened.

In Lisbon, I gained insights about myself and embraced my purpose and my mission in life. Through incorporating mindfulness, yoga and working on my self-growth everyday, I went through some of the most profound transformations of my life. Through it all, I kept on travelling and expanding my horizons. Now, I want to help others into gaining more clarity, finding your true purpose & listening to your heart more. To simply be present and discover that all you need, is right here and right now.

Mindful living and purposeful living go hand in hand.

Why Mindfulness?

When people travel solo or move abroad, they are driven by a deeper cause – healing of a loss or heartbreak, starting a new life, becoming more confident, becoming more independent,… – and transformative travel is the right tool to help us grow and evolve in our lives.

This massive transformation is not solely caused by travelling, but by the inner work you put in yourself. 

Through self-growth and constant evolving, you have the power to create the life you want & be in tune with the best version of yourself. 

– Anaïs Skoutariotis

Traveling and living abroad teach us how to get out of our comfort zone, create your own life from scratch, be strong and rely on ourselves. 

The reason I incorporate mindfulness in my coaching tools, is because I believe the power is in this very moment. 

Hic et nunc, as the Latin say – and my first tattoo – here and now. It’s in the here and now we can become aware of ourselves, change our habits, make better decisions, create goals and eventually, life the live we want. 

“The quest to ourselves – what we truly want and need in life – is a lifelong journey.”

Anaïs Skoutariotis

Background & Studies

After finishing my studies of Latin and Modern Languages, I graduated in Communication Management cum laude at the Belgian University College PXL. Later on, I worked as a flight attendant for TUI Fly Belgium by obtaining their Cabin Crew Certificate. Afterwards, I obtained the certificate of Professional Life Coach from Transformation Academy. At the moment, I am in a soon-to-be- certified course for Travel Coaching by Sahara Rose Travels.

How Can I Help You?

Start with yourself. Today. Inner work is utterly important- find out what it really is that you want in life, then work towards it every day. Get to know yourself, your values and what is holding you back or stopping you. 

You don’t have to do this alone. I am here for you to help you to map out your journey, create a finish line and clear out any roadblocks that may come up along the way.

I am here to keep you accountable for your goals, and your actions. I am here to encourage, support you and empower you. Adapted to your needs and expectations, I use different approaches and tools that have helped me in my journey of becoming the best version of myself by living and travel purposefully. 

Are you willing to gain more insight on who you really are, what it is that you really are meant to be doing?

Are you ready to combat any negative thoughts, believes or feelings and overcome them?

You are more powerful than anything that is trying to stop you. So, what are you waiting for?

Our purpose is not something we must find – it is something we must embrace.

Anaïs Skoutatiotis

Begin your journey today.