Ana Seas the Day


Guidance along your inner journeys, with purpose & mindfulness.


Ana Seas The Day is a mindfulness & travel coach business with a mission to inspire, empower and guide women to become their best selves, reach their goals and make an impact in their lives, by living and travelling purposefully &mindfully, based on our three core values: improvement, independence and insight.


At Ana Seas The Day, we believe that everyone is capable of stepping into their higher power – their best self – so they can achieve their goals, travel purposefully and make an impact in their lives. We believe that everyone is like a diamond in the rough – we are all constantly evolving, growing and learning. With some help, we can have someone guide us on the right path and give us inspiration, encouragement and empowerment. And especially for our travellers – fierce, brave and curious solo travellers – this process can succeed with travel as a tool. Because through travel, we not only explore the world; we explore ourselves in it. That is why we believe in the power of travel coaching.

Three Core Values


At Ana Seas The Day, we believe everybody has a “higher” version of themselves, the best you. Where to find it? Inside you. It’s already there. All you need to do is allow yourself to become it, fully. Access it by becoming present and live in the here and now. Through online private coaching, we dig deep into your beliefs, habits, and how you see yourself and life and what you want to reach and accomplish. You are capable of accomplishing anything, as long as you SET your MIND to it.


The journey is yours and yours only, and your independence is of uttermost importance. It’s through independence that we learn, grow and teach ourselves the main ways of life. We learn from our experiences, and we improve ourselves every day.


The best way to enjoy this life, and be happy and fulfilled and peaceful, is to look within you. It all starts with you; with mindfulness and presence. Getting to know yourself is the number one priority. Awareness of your thoughts, that lead to actions, that lead to habits, that lead to a lifestyle, is where it all starts. Through traveling, or simply spending time in solitude, we gain a better insight of ourselves, we get to know ourselves better: how we react in certain situations, how we like to spend our time, what our interests are, what we are really capable of, etc.

Meaning Of Ana Seas The Day

The name Ana Seas The Day has three meanings:

  1. Seize the day.
  2. Love for the seas.
  3. See the world through my eyes – Ana‘s eyes.

It’s up to us to enjoy this beautiful experience called life and make the very best out of it. You don’t have to life live like today is your last day, but make sure you get everything out of today and focus on this gift we call the present.

Through opening our mind and taking care of our personal well-being we can go through life with meaning, passion and purpose. The saying “seize the day” captures this philosophy perfectly.

Secondly, Ana Seas The Day is inspired by my love for the seas, oceans and islands. Growing up as a Greek-Italian girl in cold Belgium, my parents always took me to the most beautiful Mediterranean destinations. After working as a flight attendant, my passion for traveling and photography becomes stronger every day and my hunger for expanding my horizon and going on adventures in the most beautiful places all around the world hasn’t stopped growing.

And lastly, the blog’s name features a part of my name – Anaïs – because this project features experiences through my eyes only. I share my point view on this world, unique tips and guides of destinations I’ve visited and this aspect is also visible in my photography, where I tend to capture unique moments and angles.