Pack Perfect: How To Pack Lightly

For many, packing is the most annoying, stressful and time-absorbing activity of the whole trip. Often, we end up taking way too much luggage. And then we end up paying a fine at the airport, or even worse- being obliged to leave behind items from our luggage. And what about style? How about not looking like the obvious tourist, but instead packing your best pieces of clothing that make you shine and show the real you?

As a frequent traveler and a ex-flight attendant, packing was almost a daily routine for me. I learned a lot of lessons through experience, and I am happy to share these tips & trips about packing perfectly.

Finding the perfect inbetween – not packing too little, not packing too much – is not so difficult as it looks. Let’s take a look at how to pack perfect.

Less is more 

Be realistic. If you are going away for a weekend, don’t pack 7 different outfits and 10 pair of underwear. Try to be honest with yourself. Maybe pay more attention to how many clothes you consume during the length of your upcoming holiday. I tented to take a looot of clothes with me for a trip of one week. But when I really paid attention to my dressing habits for a week, I realised I don’t need that many different outfits. I was fine with half of them.

Only take the essentials with you, the key pieces of your wardrobe. That dress that you think you’re gonna wear during this trip? You won’t.

Pack lightly, be prepared for cold and warm nights, but don’t exaggerate. Only bring clothing you really need. Because you never know, maybe you find an amazing gift for somebody or a nice souvenir, and you don’t have anymore space in your luggage. Unfortunately, it happened to me too many times.

Out with the old, in with the new

As I said, you never know what you may run into while on holiday. I always fall in love with the local style. The grass is greener on the other side, yes, but don’t you want one-of-a-kind, stylish and cool clothing to freshen up your home garderobe? Getting inspiration from another culture is inevitable in my case.So make sure to keep some space left for these authentic pieces of clothing.

When I was strolling through the streets of Buenos Aires, I just wanted to sell everything I brought with me and buy a new garderobe completely in the Argentinian trendy style. And I wish I had.

It happened to be that one of my traditions while traveling is the following: when I arrived in a city, the first day I go shopping and buy an outfit that makes me feel comfortable there. It has been a typical Moroccan dress, a fashionable dress in Milan, a mythical Greek dress,… it serves as a souvenir and as a way for me to identify more with that culture, so I feel more at comfort.

So before you leave, take a look at your closet and throw away all the clothes you don’t have a passion for anymore. We all have clothes we will wear someday, but that won’t really happen. And you know it. So just throw away that T-shirt you only wore once. You can do it.

Glorious gadgets

This is especially about sanitary products/health products: don’t take gigantic 500 ml shampoo bottles, conditioner and a pot of mask with you. Please, buy the best invention of this century: travel sized bottles. They come in super handy, in different styles, colors and quantities. You can buy them in your local convenience store or online.

When it comes to perfume, I always need my favorite smell close to me. While traveling, it reminds me of home, of a person, or about a special time in my life. it holds a lot of sentimental value for me. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to take my whole perfume bottle with me. If it is bigger than 100 ml, and you don’t have checked in luggage, it’s a no-go. Or, if you just want to have some perfume in your bag, but don’t want to carry around your 90 ml bottle in your purse all day, I strongly recommend you a Travel Perfume Spray Bottle. It is easy to use, it doesn’t cost much, and you have you favourite perfume on-the-go, wherever that may be.

Gadgets are lifesavers. Whether it is a foldable toothbrush and mini toothpaste, it will save you from a morning breath on the airplane after a night flight. The feeling of gratefulness when you notice you snuggled in a mini deodorant when you’re in the middle of summer and you’re sweating to death will be indescribable.

Only take the essentials with you, the key pieces of your wardrobe. That dress that you think you’re gonna wear during this trip? You won’t.


Ahhhh. Now your suitcase is a whole lot lighter, right? Good job.

Let’s not forget the absolute travel essentials. A toothbrush, toothpaste, hand sanitizer, a padlock, a band-aid, tweezers, deodorant, a pack of mini refreshing towels, a copy of your passport, your insurance cards, an external battery, a travel adapter, a bag of tissues and finally: cash and a credit card on two different locations (for when you lose one). This is the list that should be on #1 priority when you make your suitcase. Being a flight attendant, this list also included: panty hoses. Lots and lots of panty hoses.

You can take your precautions and visit the doctor before going on a trip to an unknown destination. Be sure to ask your doctor about possible health dangers and what you can do in precaution. Of course, don’t start taking pills like a crazy person, but just be aware of what can happen and get a prescription of the most important medicine you should take with you. Just in case. You’ll be thankful to yourself. And me.